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Tips for Easy Cooking

Cooking might be one of the most delightful and pleasant ways of spending time while learning or discovering new things, with a simple condition: knowing what you’re doing in the kitchen, so the cooking won’t turn into a disaster. This fast tutorial will guide any aspiring cook into some of the best tricks and tips for easy cooking.

Eat healthy

One of the most important things while cooking is that all the ingredients are fresh. Making healthy decisions is a long time choice which will only affect you in a good way. Eating healthy is a necessary and a vital step in order for us to be healthy.

Meat tips

Meat tipsMeat has always had some cooking rules, created exactly to make sure that it won’t lose its main gourmand characteristics. No matter what meat one decides to cook, there are some universal tricks which will always apply:
  • remove as much fat as possible when cooking meat if you are going to broil it, just to make sure the risk of flare-ups is reduced or avoided
  • as the meat releases most of its juices when cooked, try not to pierce it with a fork, and try instead a large spatula
  • only turn meat once when cooking it; you’ll know when to turn it, as soon as some small bubbles appear on it
  • when broiling chops or steaks, make sure you score the edges, it will prevent them from warping

  • Vegetable tips

    When boiling vegetables, there are some things one can do in order to preserve the vegetable’s nutritional values. Don’t chop too much the vegetables, and try leaving them in large pieces and with skins on, this will prevent losing more nutritional values during boiling.

    Add the vegetables in the water only after it has begun boiling – shorter the time the vegetables stay in the boiling water, the more nutrients thevegetables will preserve. If the water boils by itself for a couple of minutes, it will release some oxygen, which will also reduce the values of nutrients, especially the vitamin C, which is usually lost quickly during boiling.

    Salt it and butter it

    Salt is perhaps an irreplaceable ingredient in the kitchen, and butter follows it. Butter is actually the healthy alternative to artificial margarine, while being creamy and natural. Because butter doesn’t feature preservatives and artificial flavors, it has become of the cuisine’s most desirable ingredients to use when cooking.

    Flavored liquids

    Water is not the only choice when cooking, and that’s because it has no taste! And taste is everything when cooking. Water is mostly used in soups, when boiling, steaming vegetables etcetera. But what if we sometimes replace water with some other liquid, with same general cooking characteristics, but with taste too? Many famous cuisines use other liquids besides water, just like wine, broth or stock, depending on what exactly one’s cooking.

    Season it

    Meat is always better when seasoned, as other flavors are added and the taste becomes more complex. Try replacing the regular table salt with Kosher salt, for example. Don’t be afraid to use natural juicy aromas, lemon juice, soy sauce, wine, vinegar.

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