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Spanish Food and Recipes,Traditional Food

Similarly to Mexican cuisine, Spanish food and recipes pay tribute to agriculture and the rich natural resources of the land. Though separated in different regions the cuisine can be still characterized with some basic guidelines referring to common techniques and ingredients. Locally grown vegetables and herbs are among the main pillars of the Spanish culinary tradition.

In spite of the fact that it lacks the elegance of French cuisine, Spain managed to popularize its national specialties with great mastery. In spite of the loads of influences from other European countries as well as America, the cuisine still preserved the old and ancient traditions when it comes of ingredients and serving.

As one of the most nutritive and versatile cuisine in Europe, the Spanish food and drinks provide our organism with the vital energy and vitamins for a spotless health condition. Expressing their deepest respect for gastronomy they prefer to keep the details neat, rather than flooding the plate with intensive and spicy sauces. Vegetables enjoy a central importance due to their fresh flavor and are on the main menu list almost at all meals.


Spanish Food and RecipesThe land is worshiped for its ability to furnish the nation with the most salutary herbs and plants. Olives are top notch accessories of Spanish cooking, due to their unmistakable unique taste and effect on other ingredients. Salads as well as main dishes are decorated and crowned with a few olives or olive oil.

Another vegetable that is prominently appreciated and used in the national specialties is tomato. Grating them is one of the signature techniques that would upgrade the taste of these delicious accessories. It's sweet taste is enjoyed either in salads or combined with mushrooms or meat.

Though the use of intensive vegetables doesn't stick to tomatoes, garlic is another favorite 'must have' element of the healthy and nutritive meals. Chefs and common people use it as the quintessential means to accentuate the flavor parade of salads as well as simple appetizers. Other popular ingredients include: onions, oregano, nuts as well as rosemary.

It is worth mentioning that Spanish people fuel a great fondness not only for vegetables but also meat. Jamon or as we know it, the ham, is a respected and well-known ingredient of Spanish cuisine. Each region practices a different ritual for the storing and handling of the ham. As one of the great producers as well as consumers they managed to popularize this ingredient all over the world. The stores are flooded with the multitude of hams either sliced or as a whole that come from the respected areas where the high quality products are prepared.

The national food specialties enchant locals and visitors with the colorful aroma cavalcade which aim to test our senses. Besides ham it is a 'must' to mention the importance of pork which can be found in traditional dishes as cocido as the authentic meat stew as well as paella.

Fish and seafood also finds its place in Spanish cuisine through representatives as the shellfish, octopus as well as cod. Experiment with the multitude of original and divine dishes in order to get a detailed insight into this culture that reserves infinite surprises and curiosities for visitors.

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