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Salt Chicken Recipe

There are a variety of dished based on chicken and one of the most delicious and easy to create recipes is the salt chicken recipe. Find out how you can prepare a wonderful meal for you to enjoy in a jiffy.

One of the healthiest, easiest and delicious way to cook chicken is by using the salt chicken recipe. The name of the recipe says it all, salt is the basic ingredient of the recipe and the result is absolutely delicious and healthy. Without the use of oil or other high calorie ingredients, this recipe can benefit people who watch their diet and count calories.

Salt chicken recipe ingredients

The ingredients necessary for this recipe are minimal. Except for the chicken and salt one needs to add only some spices to bring flavor to the meat. People love their chicken to have different flavors, flavors given by different ingredients and spices which are applied before the meat is cooked. Paprika, pepper, rosemary, garlic, chilli are only a few ingredients which can be used to season the chicken meat. You can choose to marinate the chicken before cooking if you have enough time.
You can use the chicken whole or use only the parts that you like, either way the taste will be similar.

You will need the following to proceed to cooking:

  • chicken

  • kosher salt

  • seasoning

  • cooking tray

  • Preparation:
    Start by heating up the oven to about 440ºF so you can just slip in the tray once you are done. Take a tray in which your chicken can fit and cover it with a thick layer of kosher salt. Level the salt by giving the tray a few back and forth short shakes.

    Take the chicken and wash it well with water. Check for any feathers that might still cover the chicken's skin especially on the wings. If you are cooking a whole chicken clean inside the chicken as well to remove all any remaining blood cloths. Cover your chicken with your favorite seasoning, a pinch of salt and place the chicken over the kosher salt without pressing it or moving it too much afterward.

    Check to see if the temperature in your oven reached the desired peak and set the tray in. Set the tray as far away from the flame if your oven uses an open flame for heating so the meat will have the chance to cook nicely without burning. Allow the chicken to cook for about one hour, one hour and a half depending on the size of the chicken. The meat should have a crusty brown appearance and the meat should be tender and easy to remove from the bone.
    Remove the chicken out of the tray and dust any remaining salt grains off the chicken. The salt will have a crusty appearance as all the grease from the chicken has been absorbed by the salt.

    Mash potatoes, cooked vegetables or french fries would work wonderfully with this great recipe. A glass of good quality red wine will open up your appetite and make your dinner complete.
    You can now enjoy your healthy cooled meal in the company of your closest friends and family. For sure you will receive only complements for your delicious meal.

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