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Mexican Food and Recipe, Taco Recipes

Looking for some delicious, colorful and taste bud-challenging meal? Then Mexican recipes and foods will be able to fulfill your request. As one of the nations that promotes the balanced, mineral-, vegetable and protein-rich diet that roots in the long history of the country. These dishes offer not only a sensual but also healthy combination of various tastes and basic ingredients. With the arrival of the Spanish it became backbreaking to preserve the ancient traditions, modern day gastronomy is in fact a fusion of the two influences that added the versatility and ultimately the popularity of Mexican food.

Beans as well as corns are the main pillars of Mexican cuisine. The corn, considered a heavenly gift by Mayan culture, still enjoys huge popularity. Often serving as the main ingredient to create the traditional gorditas, tamales as well as tortillas, it reflected the respect of Mexicans for agriculture and the natural sources of the land. Beans enjoy the same preference as being often used in the same meals as the corn.


 Mexican Recipes and FoodThe different regions in the country promote a unique attitude towards gastronomy. Due to the various climatic effects as well as ethnic diversity they are keen to create a specialized culinary tradition that reflects their cultural heritage. The Yucatan is famous of the sweet influences rather than spicy dishes.Among the most prominent ingredients we mention honey, as a territory that engaged in beekeeping.

The central region of the country shares common traits with other regions,however we can distinguish some specialties as the carnitas and pozole. People all over the world associate Mexican cooking with spices. Indeed this legend is attributed to the power of the signature element of all dishes, namely the chilies.

Those who are keen to explore the depth of the magic of spices should experiment with the smaller pieces, since these accumulate the hotness and will have a smashing effect when paired with cheese in the traditional chiles renellos specialty. Furthermore it is also important to  enlist some of the most frequently used elements to further upgrade the taste cavalcade of these dishes.

Avocado, cilantro as well as onions are among the main means to add an authentic flair to the Mexican food. Those who engage into a real gastronomical adventure will be mostly welcomed to include on their menu the 'Taco' which has all the basic and signature elements of Mexican cuisine. The tortilla is filled with meat, either pork, chicken or beef and 'decorated' with salsa sauce, onion as well as chili.

Often served at fast foods it can be a heavenly snack or a stuffing main meal. Moreover visitors must also try the Arroz con Pollo which is one of the no.1. delicatessen of Mexican culinary heritage. The chicken is served with the rice and crowned with a delightful salad of fresh and healthy vegetables.

Mexican hospitality is illustrated in the colorful and sight-pleasing servings that are not only delicious but also extremely nutritive. Due to the intensive and contrastive spices and tastes these dishes will certainly leave your with an impression. Especially if your are brave enough to pick the ones that challenge your sophisticated culinary skills.  

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