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Low Fat Cooking

Low fat cooking is an excellent choice for those who are trying to eat healthier as well as to save money. If we consider that fact that most of us are trying to lose weight or to be able to maintain it as easily as possible, learning some low fat cooking tips can be really helpful.

Many women think that cutting fat from a recipe is the surest way to make food tasteless. But that is rarely true. Although entirely cutting fat is not advisable nor possible there are a few changes and substitutions you can make to enjoy your favorite foods without sacrificing the taste or worrying about calories.
When trying to lower the content of fat from a recipe you must pay attention to the cooking method as well as to the ingredients used and their quantities.

As far as the cooking methods are concerned the surest way to reduce the fat in a recipe is to avoid deep frying as much as possible. Buying a good non-stick pan and using cooking spray instead of vegetable oil or butter is a better alternative.

Grilling is also a healthier low fat cooking alternative than deep frying and so are stir frying and roasting. At the very least try using paper napkins to dry deep fried food because it will help you cut a significant amount of calories.
When it comes to ingredients changes become more versatile because a lot of substitutions are possible. Here are a few tips to help you make the best choices for different recipes:

  • Use products with reduced fat content such as low fat cheese or skim milk.
  • Remove all the visible fat from raw meat,including the skin and be sure to choose lean meats. Also, try to opt for white meat rather then red meat and limit your consumption of red meat to one or twice a month.
  • Replace sour cream with pain yogurt.
  • Remove the extra fat from a soup by simply letting it cool down and gathering fat with a spoon. An ice cub can make this job even easier as grease tends to gather around it and it's easy to remove.
  • Replace butter or margarine with marshmallow cream.
  • Learn to enjoy baked potatoes instead of French fries
  • Try replacing mayonnaise based salad dressings with balsamic vinegar
  • Use tomato based sauces instead of white sauces
  • If your recipe calls for ½ cup of butter oil try using ½ cup of fruit puree or applesauce and a 1and ½ tablespoons of oil
  • Use Canadian bacon instead of regular bacon
  • Use herbs and spices to reduce the amount of sour cream you use
  • Use two egg whites instead of a whole egg
  • Use sweet fruits like dried prunes to replace a part of the sugar the recipe calls for
  • Avoid using processed ingredients

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