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Italian Recipes and Food, Pasta Recipes

Italian recipes and food have a long tradition similarly to the culture. Going through a fabulous evolution is still managed to maintain some of the signature traits that became well-known all over the worlds. Tourists are mesmerized by the regional dishes that vary in taste and ingredients. Offering an infinite palette of dishes and beverages Italians succeeded in popularizing their culinary masterpieces that were influenced by the French and even Arab cultures. From the traditional pasta to the delicious and mass-enchanting pizzas that know many variations all the specialties aim to perfect our refined taste. After the unification in 1861 the multitude of regions with their trademark cuisine melted into a single ensemble which gives the variety of the culinary recipes all over the country.

Southern and Northers recipes differ especially in the use of ingredients. Pasta is one of the main elements that separate the two parties, in the North people are fond of the egg pastas as well as lasagna, and mascarpone. Whereas on the South, Italians pamper their tasting buds with olive oil and tomato as well as dried pasta and mozzarella. Foreign visitors will be able to experiment with the different recipes during their fabulous trip in these regions. The wine as the national beverage of the country is also produced all over Italy, popularizing the amazing areas where this heavenly beverage is produced as: Tuscany, Venetia and also Sicily.


Italian Recipes and Food

Traditional Italian Meal

Italians are among the most prominent countries who devote extreme importance to food and drinks. Respecting the old structure of the meals as well as paying tribute to the ancient roots, they line up a multitude of dishes crowned with a delightful glass of wine or cup of celestial coffee.

Those who are keen to enchant their taste with the signature ingredients as cheese and tomato as well as their sight with the colorful and versatile servings will find the traditional menu overwhelming. These are the main phases of an Italian meal:

Antipasto: This it the moment of appetizers that aim to stimulate our tasting buds for the following courses of this culinary exhibition. Antipasto can be preferably cheese or fruits.

Primo: As the name denotes this term refers to the first course which is often made of pasta or soup and eventually risotto. In order to offer only a small entrance in the realm of the Italian meal, specialists designed the size to the proportion of a cup since it is just the entrée for the main dish. This systematical and traditional serving of the foods is respected even during the weekdays.

Secondo: The main course comes at the second place as the peak of the whole menu. Indeed the portion is repeatedly a moderate one in order to save some space for the dessert as well as the side dish or contorno. This particular phase presupposes the serving of specialties prepared of egg, meat, vegetable or fish. These are the main ingredients that in a fabulous combination will be offered to the eager participants.

Contorno: The side dish or contorno as it is called in Italy is often a simple salad or cooked and raw vegetables that further enhance the aroma and sophisticated taste of the secondo. This can be just as easily committed if the main meal is prepared of delicious vegetables or there is not enough time for a complete menu.

Dolce and Caffé:  Finishing the meal the participants are offered with a special sweet or salty treat as pudding or traditional cakes that is further joined by an ambrosial cup of coffee or glass of wine depending on the preference of the host.

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