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How to Cook Steak

The steak is the common name for a slice of fish or meat, with a wide range of cooking, all depending on one’s taste. It is a very popular dish worldwide, and it inspired various recipes. Though any kind of meat can be used, the secret of a successful steak stands actually in the cutting of the meat. It influences the way the steak is going to taste and its density. For example, a thin cut of steak will lessen the necessary time to cook it.

When learning how to cook steak, there are some major issues to be known when cutting the meat that will certainly be noticeable. The tougher pieces of a stake commonly come from the more exercised muscles of the animal, the front and the rear ones, while the tender pieces of steak come from less used muscles, the upper back or the tenderloin. And cutting isn’t all.

There is also a huge variety of degrees of cooking, also depending on personal tastes. Whether the steak is preferred juicy or, the contrary, dry, from raw, uncooked, to overcooked, the stake remains one of world’s most popular dishes.

One can choose between lots of types of steak: cube steak, sirloin steak, rib eye steak, strip steak, filet mignon, chateaubriand steak, steak tartar or Salisbury steak.

Before we got on to how to cook the steak, there are just a few more things one should know before: the meat should be defrosted slowly, the excessive fat areas should be removed before cooking, and all cuts in the meat should be done against the grain, in order to maintain the tenderness.

Another secret of a well-done steak is to marinate it, preferably for a few hours before cooking; one can also season the meat once it’s marinated with pepper, salt, garlic or onion. One can use a mixture of a ½ cup of olive oil, 4 tsp of soya sauce for marinating the steak, or wine, beer and spices.

How to fry a steak

Put the steak-meat into a pot, previously preheated on the stove. Pour some oil into the pan and wait until it’s hot, and then add the meat. Wait until the meat gets that brownish color, as a sign that it’s ready, and turn it carefully on its other side, without piercing it, so that the meat is evenly cooked on both sides. Cook the steak until it reaches the right level – from rare to well done – and then remove it from the fire. Wait for 10 minutes before serving it.

How to grill a steak

In order to get a proper and delicious stake by grilling it, these simple steps might be useful: preheat the grill and place the steak on the grill’s surface as soon as you consider the grill ready enough. In order to give the steak a special flavor, one can top the grill with some herbs butter.
Wait until the brown color appears, and then turn the meat on its other side, so it will have that beautiful, appetizing uniform color a steak should have. Remove from the grill’s surface when ready.

How to bake a steak

Preheat the oven at 320F degrees, and also preheat a frying pan. Add the meat into the pan and sear it for 5 or 6 minutes, and only after insert in into the oven, in a greased baking pan.
The main disadvantage of this method of cooking steak is that it takes approximately 3 hours in order to get the meat to reach culinary perfection, but the result is always worth it. After the steak is baked enough, remove it and make sure you cut it across the grain – it will tender the meat.

Either way one decides to cook the steak, the result is one fine piece of meat, incredible with salsa sauce, mustard, vegetables or mash potatoes.

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