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How to Cook Meat

Many traditional cuisines include meat as an important ingredient of various cuisines, that’s why the way we cook meat has become a true art. The possibilities are endless and so elaborated, that cooking meat could sometimes be a true challenge for everyone.

High in proteins, fat and collagen, meat has inspired cooks and chefs all over the world in order to find the most exquisite, easy or amazing ways of cooking it. We know nowadays that the possibilities of cooking meat are huge and one can prepare it in various ways.

Meat can be marinated, barbecued, roasted, fried, stewed, transformed as a main ground for patties, smoked, preserved in salt, boiled or turned into a sausage. One can just have to choose from a wide range of possibilities, as said before.

An important thing to know about meat is that during cooking, meat actually looses water. And because experts say that meat can be cooked in two ways, by moist heat or dry heat , this information is vital.

During moist heating, the meat will lose most of its water, despite the fact that the meat is cooked in plenty of moist heat. So, if you’re choosing to cook the meat in moist heat, just remember that fat is the thing that should be used.

There are several heat moist methods one can apply:

  • braising the meat
  • boiling the meat
  • stewing
  • .
    Moist heat methods need a longer time to cook in order to tenderize the meat. But, the longer we cook it, the bigger the chances are that the meat dries. The secret of moist heat cooking is to choose the right kind of meat for it.

    For example, a piece of meat with a strong piece of fat somewhere on it is going to be perfect. While the meat cooks, the fat will slowly dissolve and moisturize the meat in the cooking process, so the finale will be a nice, tender piece of meat. The main purpose of moist heating the meat while cooking it, is that it helps regulate the cooking temperature and preventing the meat of getting burned during the process.

    The dry heat methods mean cooking the meat uncovered, and without using any kind of moisture. This technique is mainly applied to tender or delicate pieces of meat, with little connective tissue. Which are the dry heat methods?

  • roasting
  • grilling
  • barbequing
  • pan frying
  • stir-frying
  • broiling

  • Roasting & Baking – roasting refers to cooking the meat by dry heat, but in the oven. Chicken, ham, fish or meat loafs are recommended to be roasted in a pan made of a heavy material with low sides. In this way, the air will circulate over and around the meat, so that the result will be a nice and well cooked meal.

    Grilling – is probably the easiest way of cooking meat. One just has to apply the meat on the grilling surface. Except for the veal, most meat can be easily cooked on a grill – veal necessitates a longer time of cooking, due to all the connective tissues in it.

    Broiling – are the most common alternative when grills are not available, and are usually used when cooking hamburgers or steaks.

    Pan frying – this method uses just a little bit of fat, so that the meat won’t stick to the pan. Preheat the pan together with the fat before putting in the meat, so that the meat won’t absorb too much of the fat all in once. Tender meats or mixed meats are best cooked by pan frying them.

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