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How to Cook Beef

Beef is considered to be one of the finest pieces of meat out there, but preparing and cooking the red meat, as it is also called, can be quite a challenge for everyone. Learn all the major facts about beef, how to cook beef and the rules of high cuisine.

Beef is actually a challenging meat, and there are two different ways of cooking it, depending on what beef one uses. There’s the dry heat and the wet heat. Each of these methods has its clear advantages. For example, the dry heat includes grilling the beef, stir frying it or roasting it, while the wet heat is all about slow cooking, meaning stewing, poaching or pot roasting it. The dry heat is recommended for those parts of animal less used than the others, but the rumps, for example, need a wet heat cooking and will probably cook for a longer period of time.

When considering cooking a beef, accompaniments are always important. The general opinion regarding this matter includes a wide range of vegetables, mostly autumnal (potatoes, celeriac), green vegetables, beans, broccoli, spinach. Besides all that, beef also goes excellent with ginger, lemongrass, or any other citrus aroma.

As said earlier, cooking beef opens up a wide range of choices, so here are just a few tricks and tips before and during actually cooking beef.

  • Take all the necessary time to defrost the meat, if it’s frozen. In this case, one is sure that the juicy flavor of beef stays into the tissue and it’s not lost during defrosting.

  • Cook beef at a moderate temperature, as this kind of meat tends to shrink in the process. The bigger the temperature, the more it shrinks.

  • While on fire, try not to press down the meat, not with a spatula, not with the fork. It will only squeeze up that juice mentioned earlier.

  • Roasting the beef

    Preheat the oven at 375F degrees. For an extra aroma, one might consider searing the beef for about 10 minutes. If this isn’t one’s option, one should consider those 10 minutes as an extra time to leave the beef into the oven.

    After inserting the beef into the oven, the options for cooking are once again present: for a rare roast, you should leave the meat into the oven for 11 minutes (per ½ kg), or, for a medium roast, 14 minutes (per 1/2kg). if you’re checking the meat with a thermometer, 60C is the equivalent for the rare roast, while 70C is for the medium one.

    Grilling the beef

    Grilling the beef is one of the easiest ways of cooking the red meat, together with barbecuing it or pan-frying it. Whether is the fillet or sirloin, grilling beef still is has some rules. The grill should be separated into two different areas, a cooler one and a hotter one, so that you can move the beef as soon as a crust has been formed from the hot side to the cooler one.

    Stewing the beef

    If grilling is the fastest way when cooking beef, then stewing it might be the slowest. Stewing is recommended only for a few types of beef, such as chuck, blade, leg or shin. When stewed, the meet will slowly release its aroma and natural juice, so that the result will be amazing.
    The main idea of stewing is that the meat, as a whole or cut into smaller pieces, is put into water-based liquids, seasoned with various flavors.

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