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Greek Food and Recipes, Greek Salad

The realm of ancient Gods with the infinite fields of olive and lemon trees offer us a distinctive and charming cuisine with the healthiest and most nutritive ingredients from the planet. Greek food and recipes beyond any question enjoy world-wide popularity due to the fresh and Mediterranean aura. Similarly to Spanish cooking olive oil is the 'must have' element of specialties that range from the salads to main meals as well as desserts. Greek cooking promotes simplicity when it comes of both complex and snack-type dishes. The organic dairy, bakery products as well as fruits and vegetables reflect the farming tradition of the country.

Besides their nutritive value these elements also provide our organism with essential vitamins and proteins that are vital for the energy and metabolism boost. The hot climate determines the agriculture and encourages the growing of herbs and spices that don't require much care and attention. Some of the ancient and prominent accessories of salads and meat dishes are basil, oregano as well as thyme and mint. As one of the cultures that have a fondness for legumes and plants, Greek cuisine is held to be the perfect option for those who are keen to explore the national specialties or engaged into a prominently vegetarian diet.


Greek Food and RecipesCakes and sweets are also popular in this region especially those that combine the fabulous pastries with fresh fruits and other delicious ingredients. Baklava, the layered pastry covered with nuts and honey is certainly the trademark of Greece. The recipe went through several changes preserving the core ingredients and technique of preparation. Pamper your senses with a similar culinary masterpiece to enjoy the Greek hospitality through the array of flavors.

The seas that surround the multitude of islands accumulate an infinite range of seafood which are used as basic accessories of delicious dishes. Prepared grilled, raw and often fried the tavernas in the harbors welcome the foreign visitors with traditional food that would make them fond of seafood and fish.

Taking advantage of the natural resources, Greeks turn to these ingredients with great confidence and pleasure. However it seems that certain special events and feasts require a different and sophisticated menu.

Goat and lamb are the special meat served on ceremonial events. Festivals as well as important holidays are honored with a bountiful meal. Lamb stews are also prepared in the weekdays decorated with vegetables as well as joined by other appetizers. The Greek cuisine offers an endless range of recipes that match the fresh vegetables with pork and beef as well as chicken.

These salutary ingredients are either braised, marinated or grilled. The versatility of cooking techniques also add a special flair to Greek gastronomy. Taste the souvlaki which is one of the nation's specialties as well as Musaka also appealing to lamb or pork meat which come in a fabulous harmony with fresh potatoes and aubergines.

Dairy products are also used as basic pillars of a delightful and salubrious serving. Feta cheese is one of the nation- and world-wide known elements that is prepared from goat milk. In order to ease the menu and also digestion, Greek people and restaurants pair this product with fresh vegetables and the authentic bread that has a sour taste as its signature trait. Those who are devoted to the natural and organic cuisine will find Greek food the quintessential source of inspiration to adopt a healthy nutritional plan.

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