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French Recipes and Food, French Cooking

Flirting with the idea of setting off on a fascinating culinary adventure in the realm of delicious cheese and ambrosial wine. Then France would be the perfect spot to indulge your taste with the sophisticated cuisine and fabulous serving. French recipes and food similarly to the case of other countries with a long and rich tradition went through a spectacular evolution. The cooking and baking techniques that are used nowadays were perfected and polished all throughout the decades by the professional and creative chefs.

Cooking was gradually simplified in order to be able to preserve the natural and fresh flavors of ingredients. Consequently fruits and vegetables as well as meat were prepared rather with steaming than cooking. Moreover the menu was compressed offering smaller but more intensive and delicious portions of the desired meals.

No wonder that the French women and people in general are famous of the worth-admiring silhouette. The fatty and stuffing sauces as the world-wide known béchamel were replaced by the nutritive and fresh herbs as well as vinegar and the miraculous lemon juice. These all enhance the flawless and easy digestion which contributes to the popularity of French cuisine. France respects and nourishes the traditional recipes and especially gastronomy, which is placed on a pedestal and requires care and special attention, be it a simple fast-food meal or a full menu.


French Recipes and FoodPeople who are eager to save time and effort should skip French cuisine. The nation's chief principle is to devote time to the selection of ingredients as well as the cooking process in order to bring out the best of aromas and flavors. Haute Cuisine accentuates the importance of techniques rather than spices and additives, which makes France more popular among tourists who long for a refined and balanced gastronomical experience.

Different regions promote various combination of ingredients and cooking methods. This is the factor that stands at the basis of distinguishing the elegant from the countryside French cuisine. Cheese and wine are the core elements of a traditional French menu. Indeed this close bond between food and drinks, makes beverages and especially wine the universal accessory of all courses.

The textbook style French menu is made up of three or four dishes, these as a rule include the appetizer known as hors d'oeuvres joined by an aperitif, furthermore a celestial soup, the main course, salad, cheese and last but not least a divine dessert. Agriculture is echoed in the culinary specialties of the country, locally grown berries, mushrooms as well as leeks and apples are considered the main pillars of a nutritive and enchanting menu. In the perfect combination with few spices and a delightful glass of Bordeaux, Burgundy or Touraine wine will crown the effect of the flavors.

Since Catholicism is predominant in France there are no limits when it comes of the consumption of meat. French cuisine appeals with confidence to pork, poultry, game and also beef which are popularized all year through the fabulous main meals as well as soups. Sausages and kidney as well as intestines are also no taboo ingredients for the French. In order to get  acquainted with both cosmopolitan and rural cuisine it is important to experiment with the food specialties as the 'Pot au Feu' as a rustic beef stew as well as Cassoulet and the Foie Gras.

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