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Croque Madam Sandwich

Croques are, if you didn’t know by now, the 19th century France's first fast food items, today’s correspondents being the British “ham and cheese sandwich” or the American “grilled cheese”. The Croque Madam takes its inspiration from the cooking recipes old as a century and translates it into a fine, delightful and easy contemporary recipe.

But before Croque Madame was available, a certain Croque Monsieur made his own history, as the most popular sandwich emerged from France. The difference between the two sandwiches comes from the egg on the top; one has it, the other not.

And since Croque Monsieur began his way into history, many other versions of this sandwich started to appear, named and inspired by their ingredients: Croque Bolognese has some additional Bolognese sauce, Croque auvergnant is inspired by the bleu d’Avergne cheese, while the Croque Hawaiian has a slice of pineapple as an extra.

Even McDonald’s was inspired by the Croque Monsieur, creating the “Croque McDo” sandwich.

The things needed for this recipe are per Croque and it’s very likely anyone already has them in the kitchen:

  • sandwich bread or toast sliced in two

  • 2 to 4 slices of smoked ham

  • 1 egg

  • Gruyere cheese

  • butter

  • Béchamel sauce

  • salt and pepper

  • Each slice of bread or toast is to be buttered on both sides, and then put into a heated pan. Make sure that the fire is at its lowest heat setting, so that you won’t burn the bread. While it all heats, add a layer of ham and then some crumbs of gruyere cheese, and then place on the top of it all another slice of bread or toast. Flip the whole arrangement so that the top layer of toast gets some brown too.

    For the Croque Madame to be perfect, repeat the flipping for another two couple of times, until it’s well toasted on both sides. Meanwhile, prepare the egg – sunny-side-up is the perfect solution, and add it some salt and pepper.

    Remove the sandwich and the egg from the pans and place them on a plate. Ladle some Béchamel sauce on the top of the sandwich and put the egg above. Now there you are – Croque Madame is ready in a blink of an eye.

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