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Chinese Food and Recipe, Chinese Cooking

Chinese recipes and foods witnessed several changes and also a long process of development. Beyond any question Chinese culture has ancient roots and traditions that are still respected and practiced nowadays. Precision is the 'buzzword' when defining the main mechanism that controls the baking and cooking techniques. Similarly to other prominent and versatile countries China benefits of a colorful and diverse cuisine due to the cultural differences among the regions. The original recipes were passed from one generation to the others with fine and small changes and variations. This is how they managed to preserve their authentic rituals both when it comes of music, art as well as cuisine.

   Cooking is righteously considered an art in terms of techniques, decorations and meticulous compositions. The ingredients are always chosen with extreme-care and attention in order to be able to bring out the best of flavors. Our senses are mesmerized by the 'savoir' as well as sight of the culinary works of art. Some of the most common techniques used in Chinese cooking are frying, steaming, stewing and braising. Whether the food is prepared for a  casual snack or a more special and ceremonial event as an anniversary or a wedding the serving as well as the decorations would adapt to the festive conditions. As the masters of visual pleasure and art, Chinese people managed to create real chromatic and aroma fantasies.


Chinese Recipes and FoodMillions all over the world joined the fans of Chinese foods and drinks due to the delicious spices and taste varieties. It would be hard to enlist all the meals that enjoy worldwide popularity still there are some of them that are worth pinpointed, especially since these regional specialties reflect the main cultural traits of minorities.

The main branches would be the: Beijing and Sichuan cuisine, the Shandong, Huaiyang as well as Cantonese culinary tradition. These all, due to the climate change as well as the characteristics of the land manage to come up with signature meals that bare the signs of their own unique traditions.

Regarding the main and well-known ingredients Chinese people share the fondness of pork and mutton eaters. Regardless of the region these basic elements are used with confidence by those who long for a tasteful and stuffing meal.

White rice is a 'must have' element of the meals, surprisingly the word  fan refers to both 'food' as well as 'rice'. The dishes are further upgraded by the intensive aroma of ginger and garlic as well as soy sauce and rice wine. Cuisine is one of the most important attractions for tourists. Testing the apparently inedible ingredients is a great challenge for foreign people.

Chinese attribute a great importance to cooking since it is still considered as one of the basic needs of humans, this is the main reason why food and drinks enjoy such a defined prominence. Great festivals and events as well as feasts are celebrated and crowned with the most delicious and dishes served with heavenly decorations. Those who are fans of the delicatessen as well as exotic spices and surprising aroma combination will be thrilled to pamper their tasting bud with Chinese desserts and main meals.

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