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British & Irish Food and Irish Recipe

In spite of the fact that in common knowledge Britain is known for its traditional Christmas menu and especially the delicious and meticulous breakfast, it is worth diving into the signature characteristics of the cuisine of this territory. Indeed it would be a brave move to generalize the aspects of both Irish, English and Scottish cooking still there are common influences that can make up a uniform overview of the culinary masterpieces of these regions.

Interestingly British cuisine due to the influence of Celts as well as India in terms of spices, offers a fusion of the herb and meat stewing as well as the more sophisticated repertoire of spicy dishes. The innovations came with time which contributed to the development of modern day cuisine. In order to be able to benefit from a detailed insight in the culinary traditions of both England Scotland and Ireland it is vital to find out more about the influences that had a great impact on the cooking techniques and use of ingredients.


British and Irish Recipes and Food

British Cuisine

English Cuisine:English dishes undoubtedly bare the signs of European culture. The country however managed to preserve the signature spices and elements as cheese and bread and last but not least garlic. Fish and chips is the quintessential English meal, however it is rather considered a fast food than a full meal. From the heavenly meat pies to the Christmas pudding all managed to enter the public knowledge due to their refined and enchanting aroma cavalcade.

India had a great impact on English cuisine and some of the oh-so-fab results of this collaboration was the coronation chicken as well as the 'Anglo-Indian chicken tikka massala' which is one of the trademark meals of Britain. It is also worth mentioning that London became one of the world's most sought-after culinary centers.

Scottish Cuisine: Undoubtedly Scottish cuisine also elaborates the main traits that are valid for the British culinary tradition, however it brings a set of revolutionary cooking and baking ideas that make these meals unique and colorful. The main pillars of the dishes are fruits and vegetables, fish as well as dairy products, this way echoing the importance of agriculture and animal husbandry.

Though the cuisine almost completely lacks the magic of spices, still it succeeds in tempting the visitors to taste these fabulous compositions. The authentic Scotch broth soup as well as the Haggis all enchant the tourists with their divine and distinctive taste. As a nation rich in 'yummy' cakes and sweets recipes as well as puddings and heavenly desserts it is worth testing our sweet tooth in this rugged and beautiful country.

Irish Cuisine

Ireland also joins the part of countries who aim to prepare delicious meals from the fresh and locally grown products. Both pork and lamb as well as fish are among the top notch elements of main meals. Popularizing the savory Irish Stew, Irish people promote the 'back to basics' principle when it comes of booth cooking and baking techniques as well as ingredients. Potatoes are among the most favorite vegetables that occupy a prominent place in the traditional recipes. Consumed almost on a daily basis manages to remain the signature vegetable of the country.

The cuisine of a nation is important not only as an element of the old traditions but also as a mirror of the people's attitude towards food and drink. In order to be able to enjoy the classic and delicious recipes it is vital to skim through the national specialties as well as the qualities and traits that characterize the culinary techniques as well as serving.

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